Dialink Partner Program

Dialink offers two levels of partner involvement. Independent IT consultants and small technology service companies receive one-time commissions through the Referral Partner program. Larger businesses may be eligible for recurring revenue as Solution Partners.

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Referral Partners

Ideal for IT consultants and businesses providing technology and integration services to a small customer base. Dialink assists in closing sales and provides one-time referral commissions depending on total new order recurring monthly revenue.

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Solution Partners

Ideal for value-added resellers, consultants, integrators and professional service companies that serve a large growing client base and actively market their services. Solution Partners receive comprehensive training and have the ability to close Dialink sales independently. Solution Partners are paid a residual commission of the installed monthly revenue.

  • Ideal for growing client-focused firms
  • Independent sales closure and training
  • Residual commission on monthly revenue

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